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About Us

About Us

Company Background

Colform Sdn. Bhd. is an established local manufacturing company that has been in the roofing business over 20 years.

We are in the manufacture and supply of steel roofing, steel cladding and other related steel products in Sabah. Over the years, we have been supplying our roofing products to various government and commercial projects. In addition, Colform Sdn. Bhd. has invested into IBS steel wall framing system, Roof Trusses system and Highway Guardrail System. We are also one of the key suppliers of I-Beam, steel hallow section in Sabah market.

We are mainly involved in the Design, Fabrication and Installation of steel related systems. We have a team of Technical Staff specializing in design and solve the technical issues at site on the spot. We are committed to performing our appointed tasks within the deadline. We also operate to ensure the top notch of quality with our work by organizing our staff into well managed and effective teams.



Own a land and build up a new warehouse in Sandakan with size of 36,000 sqft. With the warehouse expansion, we managed to add on up to 20 production lines in the new warehouse. Besides, we also established Steel Service Centre, provides coil slitting and shearing services.


Collaborate with NS BlueScope Malaysia as our keysupplier and became the authorized roll former in East Malaysia. Start to take initiative to obtain J-Truss License from JKR, prepare coming Sekolah Daif Project.


Invest in IBS Steel Framing Machine & design program to aim for government huge project packages in Sabah – Sekolah Daif Improvement Project. Obtained J-Truss License & CIDB Impact Certificate in the same year.


Begin to setup new warehouse with 100,000 sqft size in Kota Kinabalu. Expanded to 50 production lines and add up trading items such as Guardrail, Mild Steel Hollow and I-Beam.


Officially setup new branch in Kota Kinabalu in conjuction with the opening of the new warehouse.


Aim to be the leading manufacturer & service provider in
Steel Construction Industry


To enhance and improve product quality, and provide total commitment to customer satisfaction


Quality, Professionalism, Integrity

Our Services

Steel Roofing and Cladding Manufacturing

Manufacture and supply of steel roofing, cladding, and other steel products in Sabah.

I-Beam and Mild Steel Hollow Section

Provide various size for I-beam and different thickness for mild steel hollow section

Design, Fabrication, and Installation

Specialized team for design, fabrication, and installation of steel-related systems.

Over 20 years of excellence in steel roofing and cladding solutions

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